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Who We Are

Be Different and A Great “ White Oil ” Solution Pioneer

Hangzhou Zhenghe Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales of medium and high-grade white oil and its derivatives. We try to provide application solutions for downstream users. The company has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries in Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, including Zhejiang Zhengxin Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhengyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., and Huzhou Zhengbang Logistics Co., Ltd., being built as the company's production base and logistics transportation carrier.

We have been pursuing a high-quality development in a healthy business environment. Designed by a strategic development, we focus on the production and operation of high-end white oil considering our own advantages, market positions, characteristics of the petrochemical industry, and corporate characteristics, meanwhile, we have set up special projects, working towards solutions for application so as to promote the transforming and upgrading of the company in rapid and healthy growth. We aim to transform the company from a follower to a brand leader.

We have a vision of be different and a great “White Oil” solution pioneer, offering the users differentiated and personal service and guidance in terms of product formulation and application technology. With the establishment of CNAS laboratories and the municipal enterprise technology centers, the company has successfully integrated the R&D experts on product technology and the excellent management teams, along with the advanced process equipment, the management systems, which has achieved great progress in aspect of technology, operation and management. Thanks to the progress we have made, we have attracted a great many high-end core customers from the Fortune Global 500. Our company has got distinct advantages in sales channels which actually covers the whole country, and has made it to top on the domestic market of medium and high-grade white oil.

The company plans to go public, and is now taking steps further towards a new and higher development !


Founded in 2008


The Total Annual Sales is 110000+


Market Shares is 60%+



Diversified R&D Platforms and Excellent Research Teams

  • Research Team


    We have built an expert, experienced, learned and refined inspection team  accounting for 28% of the company's total employees, of which more than 55% are senior engineers and masters or above. The team has been concentrating on the development of white oil and its derivatives and carrying out the white oil upstream and downstream researches on the molecular level.


  • Research Team


    Eqiupped with modern R&D buildings, CNAS laboratories, Zhengxin - Zhejiang University of Technology high-end shock absorber oil joint laboratory, industry application testing base and white oil molecular-level R&D lab, we are the technology center of Huzhou City. We also owned top R&D equipment for the "high quality white oil and derivatives application solutions", and we will study the high-end production and application based on the existing white oil application in order to meet the special needs of customers.



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