Aspire to Innovate for Sustainability

Social Responsibilities

We are committed to making more targeted and extensive contributions for the development of society and economy

Employee Rights

We strictly comply with the laws and regulations of China to protect our employees. Through the signing of collective labor contracts and employee labor contracts, the rights and interests of employees can be implemented. Meanwhile, we attach great importance to the career development of employees, providing them with career development and training programmes.


Human First


Go Green

Green; Effectiveness; Harmony; Sustainability

Zhenghe Petroleum has been supporting a notion of a green and sustainable development. The idea of energy saving and emission reduction has been part of the strategy in the company’s management and development. We are devoted to contributing to the construction of ecological civilization in the new era.


Safety & Quality

We are committed to providing oil products in a safe and responsible manner, making a safe environment for our products and safeguarding our employees as well as the public against any risks. Every employee is supposed to take the responsibilities of safe productions. We will manage hidden operational risks and keep focusing on improving personnel safety, process safety and logistics safety, etc., so as to achieve the HSE management goal of "Zero Injury, Zero Accident, and Zero Pollution".


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    Zero Harm

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    Zero Sccident

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    Zero Pollution